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Technical Guides to Pioneer Car Audio System
Q: Is my car stereo compatible with your CD changers?
A: It will only be compatible if it is a Pioneer model and has a 'P' in the model number i.e KEH-P or DEH-P.

Q: Can I play DVD-Audio discs on a CD player?
A: No, DVD-Audio discs cannot be played on a conventional CD player.

Q: What is the difference between DVD-Audio and CD?
A: DVD-Audio can provide much higher quality stereo than CD with a sampling rate of up to 192kHz for two-channel recordings (compared to 44.1 kHz for CD). DVD-Audio digital sound can be delivered with up to 24 bits of data (compared to 16 bits for the CD standard) and unlike CD, DVD-Audio has the ability to offer Advanced Resolution multi-channel sound.
DVD-Audio discs may also offer visual content that can be accessed from on-screen menus. This may include text information such as artist biographies, playlists and lyrics; photo galleries; and even video clips.

Q: Is my Pioneer car stereo compatible with the iPhone 5 and Apple’s new iOS6?
A: Yes, your Pioneer car stereo is compatible with the iPhone 5 and iOS6. We have completed compatibility testing with our current line of car electronics in-dash audio video receivers. For a comprehensive guide on the extent of iPhone5 and iOS6 functionality with your car stereo model, please click here.
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