TODOROKI is the powerful music component system for people who really want to feel their music.
What makes TODOROKI special is its outstanding sound clarity and power. And there’s more: the system features cool, all-black styling and is highly flexible when it comes to expanding the configuration.
All in all, Pioneer’s TODOROKI will blow you away!
PIONEER Powerful MusicComponent System TODOROKI
What does TODOROKI mean?
“Todoroki” is Japanese for a “roar” or “rumble”. It’s a word for describing the sound of rolling thunder or a blast from a big cannon. It also symbolizes the earth-shaking sounds that this system is capable of delivering. Listening to TODOROKI can be like listening to the crashing of waves on the beach.
Who is TODOROKI for?
Do you love club and dance music with a heavy bass and lively higher range sounds? Then TODOROKI was made for you. Pioneer’s receiver and speaker engineers tuned its sound specifically for music fans. And they wanted to make a bold statement, so they gave TODOROKI amazing performance capabilities and a knockout appearance.
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